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Self diagnosis Glove for breast cancer

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  • MaterialEthylene vinyl acetate copolymer resin
  • Size2 * 205 * 115 mm
  • Weight15 g
  • Payment TermsL/C,T/T

[HJ I and C]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Product Detail Information


Dear Sir/Madam
How are you?
I'm a Mr. David Cha of HJ I&C in South Korea.
Nice to meet you.
We are more than happy to introduce our competitive products to you.
We are a company specializing in health care and beauty products. 
The product Line ;
  1) Baby bed, Feeding seat for baby. Brand name is MOMBY.
  2) Self early diagnosis assistance Glove for Breast cancer. 
'tradeKorea' company in Korea introduced your company to us.
I hope we can be on good terms.
Our company has been working in this field over 15 years.
Now, most of the products are sold at several countries.
We can guarantee the quality of entire products.
In this time, I would like to introduce for ‘Self early diagnosis Glove of Breast cancer'
We call to Mammary checker. 
The user manual of this product will be supply by changing to English.
We are partners in the international supply and distribution of this product.
We have attached letter of appointment issued by partner in Japan.

(Here are brief features of the product)
-Let's to pursuing a happy life by regular diagnosis.
-The important is peace of mind at middle-age.
-Usually People are diagnosed breast by their hands.
-If to using this Glove, it is more easy to breast cancer early diagnosis.
-You can be sure there is no check by human hands.
-This product is made of an ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer resin.
   This product is soft and more elastic than polyethylene. And is eco-friendly and non-toxic.
-Usage has been marked on the packaging, it is simple. 
   Look at the picture of the package and you will understand. 
-This can be selling on the market as a normal retail and health and beauty shop or drug store.
  This product does not require FDA approval for this. It is possible to sell by general goods.
-This product can be reused. However, after use it should be kept sanitary.
  It is forbidden to use the other person related to personal hygiene.
-Please read the attached file for details. We will send you through e-mail soon.
-Current retail price is USD 17.00 in Korea and Japan.
-Our supply price is USD 3.20 FOB Korea. MOQ is 1,000 pcs.
-The total weight of the product is 15 grams.
  Supply price is adjusted depending on order quantity.

If  you are interested in our product, please send a mail back to us with your opinions.
If you need the sample and more details then will be send you it soon.
This product is you and your company will be have a good opportunity.
We are also supply this product in earnest from this year.
We desire to open accounts with you soon for our mutual profit.

Thank you.
David Cha/General manager
301, 59-11, Gwaegam-ro, Sasang-Ku, Busan, Korea 
Tel : +82-70-4152-8874 Fax : +82-51-324-9210 
Mobile : +82-10-4640-3597 



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Self diagnosis Glove for breast cancer

Self diagnosis Glove for breast cancer

Self diagnosis Glove for breast cancer